Our Vision

Trans4Mation is a vision birthed by Ms. Valerie Toliver while developing and perfecting her craft as a barber for 20 + yrs., and serving the community through her business, Kreative Kutz. During this season she realized her passion and set out to create a platform for the youth to tap into their innate gifts, talents & abilities, the catalyst which sought reason to develop Trans4Mation Barbering Institute. Trans4Mation is a (501)(c)(3) entity an extension of the LOV Olive Branches organization currently providing community services throughout Pasadena and the Greater Los Angeles area. Having observed a generation critically in need of life skills, Valerie also envisioned a greater benefit that would entail barbering technique, populated with other academia, harmonized and offered concurrently with a programmatic approach.


Evidence of this being much more than a “fly-by-night” approach shines through Valerie’s previous involvement and interest in youth and young adults - highlighting her socially responsible demeanor and connection to other’s in the community with common interests.


This endeavor is a work in progress with an objective to fund location and operational expense and reach as many as conceivably possible to support the official launch of Trans4Mation Barbering Institute in early 2015. Glimpse to this article private carding forum proper. Donations and contributions are graciously accepted. Thank you in advance for supporting an opportunity to give purpose to Imaging the Next Generation!